Timeframe for portrait photoshoots are an hour or less. You are free to do as you please within your time frame. Expect 30 images minimum within one hour. This rate does not apply to extended family shoots or shoots with more than 10 people. 

PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY: $250 For up to an Hour

  • Unlimited high quality JPEG images

  • Downloadable gallery

  • Unlimited outfits

  • Unlimited locations

  • Lifetime legal usage rights

Photo albums & prints are available for purchase through your online downloadable gallery.

NOTE: We currently work in the Lafayette/West Lafayette area. We charge the federal standard rate of 54 cents per mile traveled (there & back) outside our working cities. We also ask for hotel stays for drives 2 hours or longer depending on the reception schedule. If you have any media needs that requires flying and/or traveling long distances we can discuss pricing, separately.